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Our Structure

50 Men Who Care meets four times each year.  Social time begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by the meeting from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the Bloomington Country Club.

  • Each member commits to donate $75 (Junior Member) / $125 (Regular Member) per quarter ($300 / $500 per year) plus an annual donation of $50 / $100 for continuous funding of a 50+Men Who Care Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County.

  • Quarterly donations will be given to Monroe County nonprofit organizations serving Bloomington, Ellettsville and surrounding areas of Monroe County.

  • National charities will only be considered if they have an active presence in our communities. The purpose is for 100% of our tax deductible contributions to stay local.

  • Any member wishing to promote a local nonprofit will write his name and the name of the organization on a provided slip and then put it into a basket for selection.

  • Three member name/organization slips will be drawn from the selection bucket per meeting.

  • Each member drawn has 7 minutes to present information on why the organization needs and deserves the quarterly contribution. Following the 7-minute presentation, 3 minutes are allowed for members, in attendance, to ask questions. Note: Only members in good standing may present each quarter. 


  • In the event a member that is selected to present declines the opportunity, another member in attendance may fill in to present on behalf of the organization selected.

  • A vote by written ballot is taken with the understanding that the majority rules. Each member agrees to donate to the chosen organization regardless of his personal views.

  • If a member’s name is drawn and his organization is not chosen, he will be eligible to put his name in the presentation selection basket again following a one quarter hiatus.

  • Checks are written by the members directly to the selected organization and then collected for presentation to the agency. Payment via CFBMC's donation page through the 50 Men Who Care Endowment is acceptable as well.

  • Once an agency receives funds, they are not eligible to be promoted again for two years (8 quarters).

  • Membership in 50 Men Who Care is open to ALL men.

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